EPAnEK 2014-2020
Επιστροφή στα BRANDS


Regiolux offers high quality lighting systems and a wide range of interior lighting luminaires, covering many different types of spaces: offices, industrial spaces, warehouses and retail stores, sports facilities, healthcare units and clinics, museums and art galleries. Launched in 1952, the company continues to grow in response to projects and individual requirements with balanced lighting solutions featuring advanced and energy efficient lighting technology.


In addition to specializing in smart lighting solutions, Regiolux also offers advanced services with innovative technical capabilities. Whether it is location-based services (e.g. Indoor-Navigation or Proximity Marketing), wireless lighting, Human Centric Lighting (HCL), surveillance or remote maintenance via the Internet of Things (IoT), Regiolux can offer a suitable solution.

With a wide range of products and the "Made in Germany" quality mark, REGIOLUX has been a partner of TECHLIGHT INNOVATIONS since 2015.